Cheese and biscuits/crackers. A traditional way to round out a meal. The impetus behind this project was to take a Babybel cheese and any food and get as much online traction as possible. And to get free Babybels from Babybel.


Started in 2014, the idea was to prove that anything could be eaten with a Babybel and it would be delicious. A hastag quickly became a tumblr to collate all of the images together, and to gain followers on different platforms. 


Simple in its appearance, Put a Babybel focussed solely on the images.  A celebrity on twitter found the tumblr and retweeted it. Someone put it on their facebook page. It soon grabbed the attention of two major press outlets. 


Likes, follows, retweets, and page views shot up as a result of media coverage. Babybel, who thus far had been supportive on twitter, got in touch personally. 


Ultimate goal was reached. Babybel sent a crate of Babybels, along with some other merchandise (frisbee, t-shirt).

I was approached by a TV production company asking if I wanted to be included in a weird eaters TV show. Quietly declined. 

The project stopped while I was concentrating on my studies but is about to resurface.